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Back to School 😦 Thanks for all of the support for the summer streams! Here is the school year schedule

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  • Evening: Welcome to Asgard Podcast (7-9pm)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the official website for OMB Reviews! My plan is to start small and slowly build the site into a safe haven for film buffs without the nonsensical scores and ratings of other sites. Think of this website as a test run of sorts with the hope that interest, time, and help will eventually lead to something new, unique, and most importantly honest. Until then…let’s begin!

For every movie page there will be two ratings (for now). The first will be a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate whether or not you have any interest in seeing a given film. The second will be a 5 star rating scale (for movies that have been released) where you will be able to leave your own rating and see the average rating as well. As time goes on my hope is to create the ability to save your movie ratings, interests, etc. in your own personal account…though this will take some time. On all pages you will be able to leave comments! The only rule for the comments section is to be honest (and of course to not be a total asshat).

I will also be posting my own reviews of various films I see (either in short written form or in a video post from the main YouTube Channel). With these reviews I hope to show what I have in mind for the future of the website with a new way of rating movies and a clear voice.

Thanks to all who support me in this effort. The site in its current form is by no means the end result I have in mind. I hope that over the next year or so we are able to create something awesome that puts honesty in film criticism first above all else.

God Bless!